Blue Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo - Time to Love your own heart


Total Solar Eclipse Leo 29- Time to love your own heart

Well! Its the talk of the town this eclipse, isn't it? 

Although it won't be visible to us in the southern hemisphere, it will be visible in 43 states across the USA - epic. “ The great American Eclipse” its been named. While its effect will be feltand seen the most there, it will be felt by us all . 

Lets explore its dynamic a little more,  and what it means for us starseeds, light workers, and unravellers of the universal codes.

Eclipses often herald times of big change and this one certainly does that. They have been though to have a malefic effect , but I think transformational is a better word, the sun will be eclipsed by the moon and then come back supercharged and brighter than ever, transformed. As if this eclipse isn’t enough on its own, The universe has thrown in a mercury retrograde in with this one too just for good measure ;) and……when mercury stations direct again,  it will be on the same degree as the degree of the sun and the moon, which is of huge significance to this degree. This degree is-  “A mermaid has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits the prince who will bring her immortality” 

With Mercury stationing direct on this degree and it also being the degree of the Sun and the Moon Let’s explore this some more. This part of the sky is called Magher in Vedic astrology and is the seat of the heart. There is a lot of power here, certainty and a stepping into ALL of who we are:  lioness queens and lion kings .

This heralds a new way of being, a transformation, learning to stand on your own two feet. The mermaid is willing to leave everything behind, no matter how bleak the coast, to walk into a new way of being, walk her talk , for her beliefs, maybe the prince will come, maybe he won’t, but she is willing to follow her heart . There is a very etherial quality to this eclipse (even though it is very enigmatically Leo) There is a fairy tale like quality like the little mermaid, will they live happily ever after? Can the prince accept and love this beautiful mermaid who will have to learn how to be in this new space of her deepest desire? Can he hold her in that? Can we be held in all of who we are by our beloved? The divine loves us infinitely and we can gift this to ourselves by loving our own hearts, being brave and stepping up to the mark, doing what needs to be done, for what we believe in. For me this really aligns with he temple priestess and loving her own heart again, forgiving the patriarchy and crafting a new world, more confident in who she is as She , knowing She is loved, so She can move forward with confidence and create a world She can trust, one heart at a time.

 Wowsers, I don’t know about you but I feel this one very deeply. Whilst our Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Virgo, when it stations direct again it will be on this degree Leo 29. The Mercury retrograde will have us reflecting on this archetype around morality, being in our power and remembering to go easy on ourself as we unravel these past lives where we may not have done this - love your own heart, forgive yourself for where this may not have happened. The Virgo archetype isthought of as the virgin or whore, but I like to think of it as the temple priestess and a women who knows her own power, the shadow side of this has had many expressions over the eons, especially in the face of the patriarchy, and we have found ourselves in formidable places . Its time to release this from our cellular memory and once again claim back our power and love our own heart. Ive been listening to Matt Kahn this week and I may repeat this a few times through this as I write because this mantra“love your own heart “ has been such medicine for me these last weeks as I've been releasing so much around this and so much more.

Ive been exploring family lines and old belief systems that were in my cellular memory that I didnt even know were there! Release that shit! the veils are thin and we actually can release these beliefs and thoughts that don't serve its and are not even ours…AND are seriously out of fucking date. Food has a used by date, and so do thoughts, beliefs and programmes :) We have the opportunity to release so much in this portal and realise just how powerful we are to be able to co create! We are waking up more and more to the magic of who we are..…and …its exciting.

“When the whole world loves their own heart, the oceans will purify”    - Matt Kahn

On a political level this is the degree of President Trumps Ascendent, so this is sure to effect him in a dramatic way, to do with the way he fronts up (ascendant ) I don’t want this to be a political speculation, that is not my domain, but I think some truths will come out and be made clear around what sort of leadership we want and what he can deliver. Whatever your opinion of him, this is “the great American eclipse” and will affect America the most and as its in the sign of the King(leader ) whichever way you look , itwill be interesting to witness how this unfolds. 

There have been some devoted lightworkers activating the gridlines across the planet for decades and this energy you can tap into to support you and also you can accelerate it, too. See to see Sandra Walters work, she's amazing. Do get out in the sunshine and raise your frequency and tap into the earth portals your called to . 

The earth chakras are: 

Base - Mount Shasta, America

Sacral - Lake titikaka South America 

Solar Plexus - Uluru, Australia 

Heart - Glastonbury,  Shaftsbury UK

Throat - Mount Sanai Egypt

Third Eye - Western Europe (moves and is currently Glastonbury)

Crown - Mount Kailas Tibet 


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Tune into where you're guided and send and receive energy here.

This eclipse is at 4 :30 am , on Tuesday morning 22 nd August. Find yourself somewhere in nature and receive your codes through meditation. May your power to create positive change be felt like never before.

From the Crystal Mandala deck by Alana Fairchild I picked a card for this eclipse and its this one - The Goddess Durga and Hematite. Perfect.

This is all about fearless action through the love of the divine mother. And what other goddess for this time than she who rides the tiger. All powerful, all purpose, all love, action through devotion to our dharma.  The mermaid will climb to the bleak coast awaiting her prince, and then she will hop on a beautiful tiger like a minx and activate some cool shit , ride that tiger, find her rad community, anchor in some new sacred systems that work , live her purpose and … happily ever after!! Lets change the fairy tales we have been fooled by, honeys. We are the ones …