New moon Leo - before the door - the lions gate portal

On the 3rd August the gateway opens to this profound portal that activates on the 08.08 -  known as the lions gate portal. This is when the earth is aligned with the Sirius star and activates the pyramids which are structural portals on the earth to download these royal frequencies available to us when we tune in within and access them in our inner cosmic landscaoe. This is a time of self nurturance and sensitivity (it will activate everyones chart differently depending on where Leo rules your chart) This new moon in Leo is occurring on 23 rd July and will culminate at the full moon right on the lions gate 08.08 in Aquarius  - its opposing sign and the ruler of the new age we are on the cusp on, this full moon on 08.08 will be a partial lunar eclipse and the beginning of eclipse season. The energy of Leo for this new moon is all about courage and power and where we feel like the Queen and King of our domain, this sacred sovereignty is key to accessing our divine codes and remembering who we are here, these are empowering times, if, like I said before, you tune within and feel them. Energy flows where attention goes and so if you're focusing on that then you will see more of it, things are amplified right now, so I know where my energy is going be going. This is even more so because of the degrees and aspects of this moon. the sun, moon and mars are all going to be conjoined (operating together ) on the early degrees of Leo, the sun and moon on Leo 1 and mars on Leo 2. There is an urgency to these degrees and a potential to get overwhelmed, making it even more important to tune within to your self and to take care, breathe deep, and immerse yourself in nature, focused on the new energies available to us to bring in the new paradigm. Leo 1 " under emotional stress blood rushed to a man's head". This degree speaks of ambition, events coming to a head and too much excitement to contain safely. With a square aspect between Neptune and mars I would be mindful of your rage and what destruction it can create,  keep your cool under this dynamic, otherwise you could be asking yourself "where the fuck did THAT come from," whether from you or from someone else..We got some fire going on! Mars is on a degree that suggests contagiousness , so this rageful energy has the potential to really take off. keep this in mind, dear reader,  and please take care, cool your head, calm your heart and remember your courageous spirit that has the divine birth right to create miracles and magic. The bright side of Leo is super sunny (literally) and the lions gate portal is a magical time of year to ground down that solar energy through you. become a conduit for this regal energy as an earth keeper and to use the rays of the sun, drink them into your third eye, your heart and through your feet back into Gaia. become this, you are this, focus there, tap into the sacred part of you and use these energies to heal. This new moon provides the energy to make your sacred business dreams come true. Anchor your sacred business. Drop deeply during this new moon time and feel into your power, look where your shadow lurks and own that part of you, this is your magic, your wild woman, the wounded feminine wants to be healed through us owning our wholeness, and that includes our shadow self, the part of us that judges and is triggered, these are keys as to where our passions are. if you feel this energy rising up in you , please sit with it and listen. deeply. Protect your energy, serve your sovereignty , only go where you feel called, and please, at some time over this new moon phase, find time to be with yourself and drop deeply into the wisdom of your highest self and ask what is wanting to anchor through you, guided by what sets your soul on fire and let it....

happy anchoring of your queendom/kingdom xxx

lets bring this shit in! and...HAVE FUN!!!