New moon Gemini May 26 th 5:44 am AEST


☽ Gemini 4 º 46 ‘ May 26 th 5:44 am AEST  

Wow. This New moon is chock full of aspects and super charged. Even though it is a new moon, where the energy is fresh and new like a new seed of infinite potential, it is at the closest point to the earth that it will be all year. Which means we will feel her effect very strongly!!

Her message is to find our unity in our diversity and to be centred in ourselves, so that we don't take on the energetics of everyone around us right now.  Self care should be high on our list, so we can navigate these lunar waters with clarity, grace and ease. Emotions are high, we are sensitive and we are curious about how we can all make this game of life work for all of us on this beautiful blue planet. 

There are a lot of star seeds here from all over the galaxy who have not co existed before, the challenges can feel confronting sometimes, but that is what this Aquarian age is all about, right? This transition we are making as a collective is so huge and we're doing a great job.  We really are in such early days of this, so I think it can be easy to feel like were fucking it all up. Nothing looks like we thought it would post 2012 .... So….What happened? 

We are moving into 5 D more and more, we’re learning as we go and we need to cultivate this awakening, going within and asking. We have no choice, these are unchartered waters, and none of us have lived in these times before, but we know we need to dig deep and call for the TRUTH.  Sure we may have lived before and inhabited many bodies, but not this one, and not now…These are the days…Now.... Now are the days of the awakening.... And  Sometimes it can be rude! To be totally real about it!! 

What strikes me instantly when l look at this new moon chart, are all of the aspects that are being made to Venus at the time of this new moon. Venus rules our femininity, our vales, our beauty, it rules our capacity and quality of LOVE. She is the feminine, she is beauty, she cares, she relates, and she shines… Very brightly!!!!

Some of these aspects that are animating her are challenging  (♇ ☐ ♀) Pluto square Venus. Some impassioning  (♃ ☍ ♀) Jupiter opposite her, and some revolutionary ( ♅ ☌ ♀) Uranus Conjoined her.   Whatever the aspects are, one way or another, she is being activated!!!! Within all of us. Our emotional bodies are being activated and we're being called to FEEL. 

As this new moon (and so therefore sun) is in Gemini, we are exploring. New ways, new people, new information, new practices, what works for us, what doesn’t, what’s supportive, what isn’t. All paths lead to Rome if you follow your guidance, meditate, listen in and follow your intuition.  Intuition is the sacred marriage of your womb, heart and mind, its impossible to navigate these waters without finding this place of alignment of womb heart and mind.

Now, back to Venus. I want to look at the Sabian degree she is on because of this activation of her that is happening, it is ♈︎ 20 º: “ A young girl feeding birds in  Winter “ this degree speaks of kindness given and how important it is to nurture innocence. To feed energy into situations that feel cold, hopeless and lost. So whilst it is important to maintain our pillar of love and strength within, it is also profound medicine to give to those in need through random acts of kindness to fill our souls up with the strength we need.  It feels really good to give, when we know someone really needs us and we are in a place to provide support, even if its just an ear, a hug, or simply your presence. If you're in the position to do so, I encourage you to offer yourself, you'll feel amazing and it will amplify the energy of kindness that is so needed in these times. 

The other beautiful aspect I want to talk about is this grand fire trine between Uranus, Saturn and the north node of the moon. The nodes have recently moved into Leo after spending the last 18 months in the very perfecting, refining virgo. We may have felt that our projects were not quite “good enough” or ready before to be put out into the world, and this nodal shift (the nodes represent our destiny and our dharmic path) into Leo has given us the energy of permission to shine our light out into the world... To play, to create and to HAVE FUN.... Hallelujah!!!!! 

A trine is an easeful aspect and when its a grand trine it means 3 planetoids have this harmonious dynamic between them. In this case its Saturn at Sagittarius 26 degrees, Uranus at Aries 27 degrees and the north node in Leo at 29 degrees. What does this mean? It means that new (Uranian) structures (Saturn) have an easeful aspect in the element of fire (action) to succeed and be anchored into our dharmic path, our destiny (north node). So the possibility to actualise our new paradigm ideas, revelations, dreams and unique projects are blessed by the angels to come into some sort of actualisation and grounded ness.  Saturn rules structure and the root chakra,  here on planet earth. Uranus rules revolution, new ideas, outer space, the kundalini and the crown chakra. Wow.... we can anchor heaven and earth through shining our light, listening deep within, exploring our community, our world and our ideas and bringing them through for the betterment of humanity . I don't know about you, but thats feels incredible and inspiring to me.   A new world is possible when we trust ourselves.. We are inherently good and its safe to put yourself out there! 

I absolutely love astrology, it helps me make sense of the world. Its a whole new language, so please let me know If i can be of any assistance to you by making sense of this language and understand your cosmic blue print via the reading of your chart. I offer readings anywhere in the world by zoom or skype, or in person on the divine northern beaches of Sydney. I also run Astro movement classes, to get a felt sense of these planets and archetypes, moon phases and systems.  When we can embody these ancient codes more deeply we begin to understand, integrate, and invite them into  being ness.  We know we are affected by the moon, which is just one body - imagine the impact the other planets in our galaxy are having on us too! Lets work with them.  Blessings to you star gazer and thanks for reading my insights.. All love to you xxx

(I source my Sabian information from Lynda Hills “The Sabian Oracle” which I find to be the most approachable definition of these interpretations from Elsie wheeler and Marc Edmund Jones)