full moon 9 th June 2017 - 11:09 pm


This Full moon in sag is exact at 19 degrees on 9th June at 11:09 pm Sydney time. She is cozied between black moon Lilith and Saturn which has us asking many an interesting question relating to our wild and sacred feminine (lilith) vs our boundaries, structure, achievements, mastery (Saturn) : how far we've come in our mastery and beliefs , how we've got to go in this arena, what boundaries need to be in place?.This particular lunar energy has got me asking a lot of questions , maybe because mercury is in the ever questioning Gemini ..which is where he is exalted by the way -Gemini is beautiful and comfortable placement for Mercury, in mutable air, to question, dance and fly on the wind of possibilities. While were on this note, delicious Venus has also found exaltation in taurus this week. She wants us to lush up in the here and now with our beloved .. the walk down memory lane (retrograde through Aries and also pisces for a bit there)is over . Now she is asking us to value what is here and present and showing up - practically speaking. Get real, value the earth and the fruits she has to offer, be in the moment and value YOURSELF first and foremost.

The more your read of my astro musings the more you will see how much I love the Sabian symbols . I always look to them for more information as I love how right brained they are..suits me. The degree for this full moon is “pelicans disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat” . This is an interesting degree for the moon to find herself on,  and also being  wedged between these 2 archetypes.  it speaks of survival instinct, the mother protecting her young . It begs the question of our safety and how secure we feel within our belief structures, our place in the world, are we empowered in our sacred feminine and honouring her while also achieving our goals. what are these goals? what does this paradigm shift feel like to us as we move patriarchal focus to a more balanced inclusive feminine way of being in the world, what do our abundance structures look like within this shift? what does it MEAN?
We're being asked about our environment - globally and personally - is it toxic? what can we do to clean  it up? what are the practical steps we can take to undergo this daunting job…maybe were in an emotional toxic environment and that needs addressing. We are being asked to be very practical about these questions this moon time, Saturn will not be participating in a full moon in sag like this for another 30 years or so, so it is significant. Ask those questions. and then listen.. Black moon lilith is our sacred, wild and shadow feminine, she has been wounded, but contrary to popular belief, she is not evil, she is wounded, there is a big difference. The way I see it is that were making amends with her. I am anyway, and I'm sure you, dear reader, are too, you wouldn't be part of the sacred women collective if you were not . We are reaching within, tending to her fire, caressing her, talking to her, listening to her, nurturing her. Why? Because she knows, she is our power and with her we can turn this whole thing around. Lilith can feel wild when threatened, she is our wild feminine spirit and she is asking us if we feel safe, where we need boundaries and what , if anything, needs to change, maybe its drastic and we need to relocate and have for ages, this is time to act ( don't forget we still have that grand fire trine activated). 
At the time of this full moon there are also 3 (yes 3) YODS - yods are “fingers of God” and where they point to we must look. Vesta the goddess of hearth and home is involved in all of these configurations. Vesta is the warmth of a circle of women, wherever there are 2 or more gathered in her name, there she will be. The questions that maybe arising here are “ am I in my power” “Is there a good balance of wife, mother, heroine and temple priestess happening in my inner realms” . “ am i dreaming big enough “ . Here sacred self care is paramount.

The degree for Vesta is Leo 14 “cherub like, a human soul whispers into every receptive ear, seeking to manifest” urging us to listen, deep within to what wants to be embodied by you, and only you. What is your light to shine, how can you create more warmth, sacredness. how can you, or I, clean up this place and make it safe for our children, what message is it that is being whispered into your ear?  Be in deep reflection on all of these things. It is our time, sisters ( and brothers if there are any reading, which of course are welcome :) To rise up. To listen deep to the still small voice of Lilith within. What is it that wants to be counted for and embodied by you? What is the big picture here for you, what do you want your children to look back and say “thank god they remembered and…” We are the Magdelenes and the time for remembering is here. We are children of the mother goodess, or gaia, divine fractals of her womb, the great womb, that can achieve miracles. We just need direction, structure and deep truth. This is the medicine that the cosmos offers to us  now. A dear friend said to me recently “ Simi, just pray for truth and stand back” ..wise words..tend to your fire sweet sister.. and listen..A  new dawn is coming..and we must tend to the fire xxx