Winter solstice and the New moon in June


June New Moon

Cancer at 3 degrees on 24 th June at 12:31 pm

The sun and the moon are sitting on the degree of cancer at 3 which speaks of using our animal instincts to get through tough times. “ An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons”. on this degree we need to progress slowly and persevere. The fact that mars and mercury are also in cancer is significant . Mars is our instinct and so is cancer - but in such a different way. We are really being asked to fine tune our intuition and become more sensitive, more feeling and to nurture ourselves, To go easy on ourselves and to, in a way, parent ourselves.
The moon is the mother and it is the part of our chart where we are nurtured and how we do this. This new moon time is ideal for creating intentions for how we can take care ourselves and find ways to tune into our intuition, to really listen to what our primal instinct has to inform us of. Its a time to go within .We are planting the seeds , and we need to be steadfast and mindful with the watering, feeding and care taking of our wild and wonderful plants (dreams and missions.) This moon, although its about nurturing our sensitive hearts and being very mindful how we go , keeping the warmth in our belly at this time on this icy degree , this moon is activating the life purpose point on the chart - the Midheaven. its a strong and dynamic bunch hanging out on this point and its guiding us to think , and act, from instinct. The crab doesn't dither about, the crab is in the moment. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so its good at initiating, starting projects,  and then what? well we have to keep going of does a crab move? Sideways. looking around, this way and that, the direction of a crab is certain, and the crab is guided by….? Instinct. This is the perfect time to harness your intuitive abilities, to tune into the lunar frequencies, listen to your gut feelings, its very much the area of the solar plexus , trust your power and you knowing. Use your faculties and to truly listen with the senses, get primal with your heart. Take notice of where your eyes fall when coming from this place. ( The degree of the new moon governs our vision aswell)
The medicine of the reindeer is all about trust and instinct. The reindeer is guiding us to steer clear of other peoples dramas and allow your own light to shine for yourself.
I love how these degrees always tie in with the theme - the universe is truely trying to communicate with us if we will listen . And it is time for this, to listen . Write down on this new moon your intentions to listen to your own instincts and to drop into this animal nature of yours that will help you through these times, and to go with that, and tap into a natural rhythm that works for you, dance with that, and explore that, this is your life and its absolutely up to you and no-one else to tune into what that truth is for you.
We are being challenged to find what healing works for us and to  say “what will nurture me now” what healing do I need to assist toward where it is I'm wanting to go. What steps can
I take to keep moving towards what deeply moves me and gives me that feeling of aliveness. This new moon we are getting real about what really difference we can make from the beauty and simple compassion of our hearts . Its also the winter solstice so we can go within and deeply reflect upon these gifts that want to brith through us in Springtime.

With revolutionary Uranus conjoined Pallas Athena, our wise entrepreneurial archetype ,On this new moon We are daring to be different in our business realms , aswell, and just not worrying about being too “different” or “ out there” in our work. Its really time to be ourselves and  trust that, from this place, firmly in our centre,  we can tap into the sure-footedness of the reindeer and take one step after the acknowlegding our  primal instincts and owning them and using those instinctive gifts ,we can navigate these times. Vesta’s fire is still lit with warmth and love and guiding your way with the north node of the moon so keep at it, one foot in front of the other xxx

“In order to create fairyland we must first recognise that we are not actually in it and then we can start to analyse the steps necessary to bring some of that energy into the world” 

-Raven Kaldera -  “Mythastrology”