Full moon in cancer 23 '- 12.01.2017 10:33 pm


This watery first full moon of the year is laden with aspects. Turbo charged emotion. Al the planets are in a rare forward motion altogether..fascinating way to start the year. The strongest message to me in this astrological weather is : revolution from the inside out. Meditate and be light of heart..try to be aware of the challenges that are presenting with this cycle: heightened emotions, strong triggers from the outside and the patriarchy..stay anchored in your healing , in your resolve for peaceful outcome. In your resolve to love yourself , go gently in these waters. A beautiful healing ritual tonight in a bath or something around water would be of service and allow the water to cleanse away anything that is stopping you from moving forward with your path. Deep listening and tuning in would be a wise way to spend the evening . Tune in to how you're feeling, your home, your roots, your breath and your deep car and sensitivity. Feel your heart, love your heart and soften.

The sabian symbol this full Moon falls on is cancer 23 " the meeting of a study group or literary society" . This  degree speaks of people of like minds coming together and sharing higher knowledge together, brainstorming, work shopping, keeping diaries, discussions. If a revolution is to happen we need to communicate with one another our ideas and feelings. We need to be vulnerable and in our truth, raw, real and clear of mind and heart. This is where the meditating and reflecting come in. Be in your clarity and truth in these spaces, be in your heart centre, feel the bigger picture and hold yourself and the all in love. There are some other aspects with this moon like the sun conjunct Pluto and opposing the moon ( it always does on a full moon ) and this energy is Challenging to the moon exalted in cancer and in its fullness - energies are running high- the masculine is on  and ready to go! It's very easy to get carried away in these times, and here is where the sacred feminine comes in, where we breathe deep in to our bellies and our knowing that this is all playing out the way it should and its up to us to keep our grace , integrity, and higher selves present in our communicating. What the world needs now is love sweet love. Know that These waters will pass. We're up for some big changes in 2017, we are being called to step up and take action. Our nervous systems could take us on a big journey, so breathe deep,self enquire. Learn astrology and where these aspects are activating you, so you can navigate these waters in the wisest way possible. There is opportunity for much growth, learning, Ascension, and emotional release...may you be gentle on yourself and glean clariat into your sacred feminine heart, may your breath be deep and may your womb and heart connect  xxx