Taurus supermoon

This full moon is on the Sabian symbol degree of Taurus 23 " - jewellery shop filled with the most magnificent jewels". This moon is significant because the moon hasn't been this close to the earth since 1948 ,so the message of it is LOUD. This is a gorgeous symbol signifying our unique gifts and talents, beauty that brings joy -and the rewards and bounty of the natural world. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of valueing loving ourselves, I see more resonance again. This moon is making a harmonious trine aspect to Chiron , the wounded healer, Chiron is our gift to the world and is where our healing lies. Chiron is on Pisces 21 which is the degree of " a little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant ". This degree speaks of being protected by more higher more aware energies and different perspectives, and caring  for the child within. I get the strong message around this moon that it's time to care for and tend to ourselves like we would our children. Love, appreciate and see the gifts within ourselves , nurture them to encourage them to grow and shine like the beautiful jewels they are out in the world- Like the shop displaying its beautiful jewels- unashamed to show how brightly they shine.. tend to our garden of hidden gifts and let ourselves relish in them, be transformed by them and allow them to change our opinion of ourselves into a higher frequency. All of this opposes the sun on Scorpio 23 which is "  a rabbit metamorphosed into a nature spirit" . This degree is all about ascension , baby. The upper chakras become a focus as the rabbit is changed from his animal urges into an elemental being , moving into a completely new level of being. The 5 th dimension is here and now ,tune into it , live into it, and give that our attention energy. There has never been the opportunity like now . The time is here for deep transformation. If you don't like the leaders being chosen, become your own leader and inspire others to do the same, we can all hold hands, as leaders and pave our way into the Aquarian age, crafting our new paradigm . Let's step into our unique gifts and anchor them down..... do yourself a favour , go outside tomorrow night and watch the moon rise is her glory. Envision with it all your deepest desires and dreams coming true , how do you shine the most brightly,what is it you feel you may have come to share? Unclear and need some guidance? Give me a hoy.... may you anchor your soul codes x