Blue Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo - Time to Love your own heart


Total Solar Eclipse Leo 29- Time to love your own heart

Well! Its the talk of the town this eclipse, isn't it? 

Although it won't be visible to us in the southern hemisphere, it will be visible in 43 states across the USA - epic. “ The great American Eclipse” its been named. While its effect will be feltand seen the most there, it will be felt by us all . 

Lets explore its dynamic a little more,  and what it means for us starseeds, light workers, and unravellers of the universal codes.

Eclipses often herald times of big change and this one certainly does that. They have been though to have a malefic effect , but I think transformational is a better word, the sun will be eclipsed by the moon and then come back supercharged and brighter than ever, transformed. As if this eclipse isn’t enough on its own, The universe has thrown in a mercury retrograde in with this one too just for good measure ;) and……when mercury stations direct again,  it will be on the same degree as the degree of the sun and the moon, which is of huge significance to this degree. This degree is-  “A mermaid has climbed to the rocky shore of a bleak coast; she awaits the prince who will bring her immortality” 

With Mercury stationing direct on this degree and it also being the degree of the Sun and the Moon Let’s explore this some more. This part of the sky is called Magher in Vedic astrology and is the seat of the heart. There is a lot of power here, certainty and a stepping into ALL of who we are:  lioness queens and lion kings .

This heralds a new way of being, a transformation, learning to stand on your own two feet. The mermaid is willing to leave everything behind, no matter how bleak the coast, to walk into a new way of being, walk her talk , for her beliefs, maybe the prince will come, maybe he won’t, but she is willing to follow her heart . There is a very etherial quality to this eclipse (even though it is very enigmatically Leo) There is a fairy tale like quality like the little mermaid, will they live happily ever after? Can the prince accept and love this beautiful mermaid who will have to learn how to be in this new space of her deepest desire? Can he hold her in that? Can we be held in all of who we are by our beloved? The divine loves us infinitely and we can gift this to ourselves by loving our own hearts, being brave and stepping up to the mark, doing what needs to be done, for what we believe in. For me this really aligns with he temple priestess and loving her own heart again, forgiving the patriarchy and crafting a new world, more confident in who she is as She , knowing She is loved, so She can move forward with confidence and create a world She can trust, one heart at a time.

 Wowsers, I don’t know about you but I feel this one very deeply. Whilst our Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Virgo, when it stations direct again it will be on this degree Leo 29. The Mercury retrograde will have us reflecting on this archetype around morality, being in our power and remembering to go easy on ourself as we unravel these past lives where we may not have done this - love your own heart, forgive yourself for where this may not have happened. The Virgo archetype isthought of as the virgin or whore, but I like to think of it as the temple priestess and a women who knows her own power, the shadow side of this has had many expressions over the eons, especially in the face of the patriarchy, and we have found ourselves in formidable places . Its time to release this from our cellular memory and once again claim back our power and love our own heart. Ive been listening to Matt Kahn this week and I may repeat this a few times through this as I write because this mantra“love your own heart “ has been such medicine for me these last weeks as I've been releasing so much around this and so much more.

Ive been exploring family lines and old belief systems that were in my cellular memory that I didnt even know were there! Release that shit! the veils are thin and we actually can release these beliefs and thoughts that don't serve its and are not even ours…AND are seriously out of fucking date. Food has a used by date, and so do thoughts, beliefs and programmes :) We have the opportunity to release so much in this portal and realise just how powerful we are to be able to co create! We are waking up more and more to the magic of who we are..…and …its exciting.

“When the whole world loves their own heart, the oceans will purify”    - Matt Kahn

On a political level this is the degree of President Trumps Ascendent, so this is sure to effect him in a dramatic way, to do with the way he fronts up (ascendant ) I don’t want this to be a political speculation, that is not my domain, but I think some truths will come out and be made clear around what sort of leadership we want and what he can deliver. Whatever your opinion of him, this is “the great American eclipse” and will affect America the most and as its in the sign of the King(leader ) whichever way you look , itwill be interesting to witness how this unfolds. 

There have been some devoted lightworkers activating the gridlines across the planet for decades and this energy you can tap into to support you and also you can accelerate it, too. See to see Sandra Walters work, she's amazing. Do get out in the sunshine and raise your frequency and tap into the earth portals your called to . 

The earth chakras are: 

Base - Mount Shasta, America

Sacral - Lake titikaka South America 

Solar Plexus - Uluru, Australia 

Heart - Glastonbury,  Shaftsbury UK

Throat - Mount Sanai Egypt

Third Eye - Western Europe (moves and is currently Glastonbury)

Crown - Mount Kailas Tibet 


Referenced from

Tune into where you're guided and send and receive energy here.

This eclipse is at 4 :30 am , on Tuesday morning 22 nd August. Find yourself somewhere in nature and receive your codes through meditation. May your power to create positive change be felt like never before.

From the Crystal Mandala deck by Alana Fairchild I picked a card for this eclipse and its this one - The Goddess Durga and Hematite. Perfect.

This is all about fearless action through the love of the divine mother. And what other goddess for this time than she who rides the tiger. All powerful, all purpose, all love, action through devotion to our dharma.  The mermaid will climb to the bleak coast awaiting her prince, and then she will hop on a beautiful tiger like a minx and activate some cool shit , ride that tiger, find her rad community, anchor in some new sacred systems that work , live her purpose and … happily ever after!! Lets change the fairy tales we have been fooled by, honeys. We are the ones …



New moon Leo - before the door - the lions gate portal

On the 3rd August the gateway opens to this profound portal that activates on the 08.08 -  known as the lions gate portal. This is when the earth is aligned with the Sirius star and activates the pyramids which are structural portals on the earth to download these royal frequencies available to us when we tune in within and access them in our inner cosmic landscaoe. This is a time of self nurturance and sensitivity (it will activate everyones chart differently depending on where Leo rules your chart) This new moon in Leo is occurring on 23 rd July and will culminate at the full moon right on the lions gate 08.08 in Aquarius  - its opposing sign and the ruler of the new age we are on the cusp on, this full moon on 08.08 will be a partial lunar eclipse and the beginning of eclipse season. The energy of Leo for this new moon is all about courage and power and where we feel like the Queen and King of our domain, this sacred sovereignty is key to accessing our divine codes and remembering who we are here, these are empowering times, if, like I said before, you tune within and feel them. Energy flows where attention goes and so if you're focusing on that then you will see more of it, things are amplified right now, so I know where my energy is going be going. This is even more so because of the degrees and aspects of this moon. the sun, moon and mars are all going to be conjoined (operating together ) on the early degrees of Leo, the sun and moon on Leo 1 and mars on Leo 2. There is an urgency to these degrees and a potential to get overwhelmed, making it even more important to tune within to your self and to take care, breathe deep, and immerse yourself in nature, focused on the new energies available to us to bring in the new paradigm. Leo 1 " under emotional stress blood rushed to a man's head". This degree speaks of ambition, events coming to a head and too much excitement to contain safely. With a square aspect between Neptune and mars I would be mindful of your rage and what destruction it can create,  keep your cool under this dynamic, otherwise you could be asking yourself "where the fuck did THAT come from," whether from you or from someone else..We got some fire going on! Mars is on a degree that suggests contagiousness , so this rageful energy has the potential to really take off. keep this in mind, dear reader,  and please take care, cool your head, calm your heart and remember your courageous spirit that has the divine birth right to create miracles and magic. The bright side of Leo is super sunny (literally) and the lions gate portal is a magical time of year to ground down that solar energy through you. become a conduit for this regal energy as an earth keeper and to use the rays of the sun, drink them into your third eye, your heart and through your feet back into Gaia. become this, you are this, focus there, tap into the sacred part of you and use these energies to heal. This new moon provides the energy to make your sacred business dreams come true. Anchor your sacred business. Drop deeply during this new moon time and feel into your power, look where your shadow lurks and own that part of you, this is your magic, your wild woman, the wounded feminine wants to be healed through us owning our wholeness, and that includes our shadow self, the part of us that judges and is triggered, these are keys as to where our passions are. if you feel this energy rising up in you , please sit with it and listen. deeply. Protect your energy, serve your sovereignty , only go where you feel called, and please, at some time over this new moon phase, find time to be with yourself and drop deeply into the wisdom of your highest self and ask what is wanting to anchor through you, guided by what sets your soul on fire and let it....

happy anchoring of your queendom/kingdom xxx

lets bring this shit in! and...HAVE FUN!!!



Winter solstice and the New moon in June


June New Moon

Cancer at 3 degrees on 24 th June at 12:31 pm

The sun and the moon are sitting on the degree of cancer at 3 which speaks of using our animal instincts to get through tough times. “ An arctic explorer leads a reindeer through icy canyons”. on this degree we need to progress slowly and persevere. The fact that mars and mercury are also in cancer is significant . Mars is our instinct and so is cancer - but in such a different way. We are really being asked to fine tune our intuition and become more sensitive, more feeling and to nurture ourselves, To go easy on ourselves and to, in a way, parent ourselves.
The moon is the mother and it is the part of our chart where we are nurtured and how we do this. This new moon time is ideal for creating intentions for how we can take care ourselves and find ways to tune into our intuition, to really listen to what our primal instinct has to inform us of. Its a time to go within .We are planting the seeds , and we need to be steadfast and mindful with the watering, feeding and care taking of our wild and wonderful plants (dreams and missions.) This moon, although its about nurturing our sensitive hearts and being very mindful how we go , keeping the warmth in our belly at this time on this icy degree , this moon is activating the life purpose point on the chart - the Midheaven. its a strong and dynamic bunch hanging out on this point and its guiding us to think , and act, from instinct. The crab doesn't dither about, the crab is in the moment. Cancer is a cardinal water sign, so its good at initiating, starting projects,  and then what? well we have to keep going of does a crab move? Sideways. looking around, this way and that, the direction of a crab is certain, and the crab is guided by….? Instinct. This is the perfect time to harness your intuitive abilities, to tune into the lunar frequencies, listen to your gut feelings, its very much the area of the solar plexus , trust your power and you knowing. Use your faculties and to truly listen with the senses, get primal with your heart. Take notice of where your eyes fall when coming from this place. ( The degree of the new moon governs our vision aswell)
The medicine of the reindeer is all about trust and instinct. The reindeer is guiding us to steer clear of other peoples dramas and allow your own light to shine for yourself.
I love how these degrees always tie in with the theme - the universe is truely trying to communicate with us if we will listen . And it is time for this, to listen . Write down on this new moon your intentions to listen to your own instincts and to drop into this animal nature of yours that will help you through these times, and to go with that, and tap into a natural rhythm that works for you, dance with that, and explore that, this is your life and its absolutely up to you and no-one else to tune into what that truth is for you.
We are being challenged to find what healing works for us and to  say “what will nurture me now” what healing do I need to assist toward where it is I'm wanting to go. What steps can
I take to keep moving towards what deeply moves me and gives me that feeling of aliveness. This new moon we are getting real about what really difference we can make from the beauty and simple compassion of our hearts . Its also the winter solstice so we can go within and deeply reflect upon these gifts that want to brith through us in Springtime.

With revolutionary Uranus conjoined Pallas Athena, our wise entrepreneurial archetype ,On this new moon We are daring to be different in our business realms , aswell, and just not worrying about being too “different” or “ out there” in our work. Its really time to be ourselves and  trust that, from this place, firmly in our centre,  we can tap into the sure-footedness of the reindeer and take one step after the acknowlegding our  primal instincts and owning them and using those instinctive gifts ,we can navigate these times. Vesta’s fire is still lit with warmth and love and guiding your way with the north node of the moon so keep at it, one foot in front of the other xxx

“In order to create fairyland we must first recognise that we are not actually in it and then we can start to analyse the steps necessary to bring some of that energy into the world” 

-Raven Kaldera -  “Mythastrology” 

New moon Gemini May 26 th 5:44 am AEST


☽ Gemini 4 º 46 ‘ May 26 th 5:44 am AEST  

Wow. This New moon is chock full of aspects and super charged. Even though it is a new moon, where the energy is fresh and new like a new seed of infinite potential, it is at the closest point to the earth that it will be all year. Which means we will feel her effect very strongly!!

Her message is to find our unity in our diversity and to be centred in ourselves, so that we don't take on the energetics of everyone around us right now.  Self care should be high on our list, so we can navigate these lunar waters with clarity, grace and ease. Emotions are high, we are sensitive and we are curious about how we can all make this game of life work for all of us on this beautiful blue planet. 

There are a lot of star seeds here from all over the galaxy who have not co existed before, the challenges can feel confronting sometimes, but that is what this Aquarian age is all about, right? This transition we are making as a collective is so huge and we're doing a great job.  We really are in such early days of this, so I think it can be easy to feel like were fucking it all up. Nothing looks like we thought it would post 2012 .... So….What happened? 

We are moving into 5 D more and more, we’re learning as we go and we need to cultivate this awakening, going within and asking. We have no choice, these are unchartered waters, and none of us have lived in these times before, but we know we need to dig deep and call for the TRUTH.  Sure we may have lived before and inhabited many bodies, but not this one, and not now…These are the days…Now.... Now are the days of the awakening.... And  Sometimes it can be rude! To be totally real about it!! 

What strikes me instantly when l look at this new moon chart, are all of the aspects that are being made to Venus at the time of this new moon. Venus rules our femininity, our vales, our beauty, it rules our capacity and quality of LOVE. She is the feminine, she is beauty, she cares, she relates, and she shines… Very brightly!!!!

Some of these aspects that are animating her are challenging  (♇ ☐ ♀) Pluto square Venus. Some impassioning  (♃ ☍ ♀) Jupiter opposite her, and some revolutionary ( ♅ ☌ ♀) Uranus Conjoined her.   Whatever the aspects are, one way or another, she is being activated!!!! Within all of us. Our emotional bodies are being activated and we're being called to FEEL. 

As this new moon (and so therefore sun) is in Gemini, we are exploring. New ways, new people, new information, new practices, what works for us, what doesn’t, what’s supportive, what isn’t. All paths lead to Rome if you follow your guidance, meditate, listen in and follow your intuition.  Intuition is the sacred marriage of your womb, heart and mind, its impossible to navigate these waters without finding this place of alignment of womb heart and mind.

Now, back to Venus. I want to look at the Sabian degree she is on because of this activation of her that is happening, it is ♈︎ 20 º: “ A young girl feeding birds in  Winter “ this degree speaks of kindness given and how important it is to nurture innocence. To feed energy into situations that feel cold, hopeless and lost. So whilst it is important to maintain our pillar of love and strength within, it is also profound medicine to give to those in need through random acts of kindness to fill our souls up with the strength we need.  It feels really good to give, when we know someone really needs us and we are in a place to provide support, even if its just an ear, a hug, or simply your presence. If you're in the position to do so, I encourage you to offer yourself, you'll feel amazing and it will amplify the energy of kindness that is so needed in these times. 

The other beautiful aspect I want to talk about is this grand fire trine between Uranus, Saturn and the north node of the moon. The nodes have recently moved into Leo after spending the last 18 months in the very perfecting, refining virgo. We may have felt that our projects were not quite “good enough” or ready before to be put out into the world, and this nodal shift (the nodes represent our destiny and our dharmic path) into Leo has given us the energy of permission to shine our light out into the world... To play, to create and to HAVE FUN.... Hallelujah!!!!! 

A trine is an easeful aspect and when its a grand trine it means 3 planetoids have this harmonious dynamic between them. In this case its Saturn at Sagittarius 26 degrees, Uranus at Aries 27 degrees and the north node in Leo at 29 degrees. What does this mean? It means that new (Uranian) structures (Saturn) have an easeful aspect in the element of fire (action) to succeed and be anchored into our dharmic path, our destiny (north node). So the possibility to actualise our new paradigm ideas, revelations, dreams and unique projects are blessed by the angels to come into some sort of actualisation and grounded ness.  Saturn rules structure and the root chakra,  here on planet earth. Uranus rules revolution, new ideas, outer space, the kundalini and the crown chakra. Wow.... we can anchor heaven and earth through shining our light, listening deep within, exploring our community, our world and our ideas and bringing them through for the betterment of humanity . I don't know about you, but thats feels incredible and inspiring to me.   A new world is possible when we trust ourselves.. We are inherently good and its safe to put yourself out there! 

I absolutely love astrology, it helps me make sense of the world. Its a whole new language, so please let me know If i can be of any assistance to you by making sense of this language and understand your cosmic blue print via the reading of your chart. I offer readings anywhere in the world by zoom or skype, or in person on the divine northern beaches of Sydney. I also run Astro movement classes, to get a felt sense of these planets and archetypes, moon phases and systems.  When we can embody these ancient codes more deeply we begin to understand, integrate, and invite them into  being ness.  We know we are affected by the moon, which is just one body - imagine the impact the other planets in our galaxy are having on us too! Lets work with them.  Blessings to you star gazer and thanks for reading my insights.. All love to you xxx

(I source my Sabian information from Lynda Hills “The Sabian Oracle” which I find to be the most approachable definition of these interpretations from Elsie wheeler and Marc Edmund Jones)

full moon 9 th June 2017 - 11:09 pm


This Full moon in sag is exact at 19 degrees on 9th June at 11:09 pm Sydney time. She is cozied between black moon Lilith and Saturn which has us asking many an interesting question relating to our wild and sacred feminine (lilith) vs our boundaries, structure, achievements, mastery (Saturn) : how far we've come in our mastery and beliefs , how we've got to go in this arena, what boundaries need to be in place?.This particular lunar energy has got me asking a lot of questions , maybe because mercury is in the ever questioning Gemini ..which is where he is exalted by the way -Gemini is beautiful and comfortable placement for Mercury, in mutable air, to question, dance and fly on the wind of possibilities. While were on this note, delicious Venus has also found exaltation in taurus this week. She wants us to lush up in the here and now with our beloved .. the walk down memory lane (retrograde through Aries and also pisces for a bit there)is over . Now she is asking us to value what is here and present and showing up - practically speaking. Get real, value the earth and the fruits she has to offer, be in the moment and value YOURSELF first and foremost.

The more your read of my astro musings the more you will see how much I love the Sabian symbols . I always look to them for more information as I love how right brained they are..suits me. The degree for this full moon is “pelicans disturbed by the garbage of people move their young to a new habitat” . This is an interesting degree for the moon to find herself on,  and also being  wedged between these 2 archetypes.  it speaks of survival instinct, the mother protecting her young . It begs the question of our safety and how secure we feel within our belief structures, our place in the world, are we empowered in our sacred feminine and honouring her while also achieving our goals. what are these goals? what does this paradigm shift feel like to us as we move patriarchal focus to a more balanced inclusive feminine way of being in the world, what do our abundance structures look like within this shift? what does it MEAN?
We're being asked about our environment - globally and personally - is it toxic? what can we do to clean  it up? what are the practical steps we can take to undergo this daunting job…maybe were in an emotional toxic environment and that needs addressing. We are being asked to be very practical about these questions this moon time, Saturn will not be participating in a full moon in sag like this for another 30 years or so, so it is significant. Ask those questions. and then listen.. Black moon lilith is our sacred, wild and shadow feminine, she has been wounded, but contrary to popular belief, she is not evil, she is wounded, there is a big difference. The way I see it is that were making amends with her. I am anyway, and I'm sure you, dear reader, are too, you wouldn't be part of the sacred women collective if you were not . We are reaching within, tending to her fire, caressing her, talking to her, listening to her, nurturing her. Why? Because she knows, she is our power and with her we can turn this whole thing around. Lilith can feel wild when threatened, she is our wild feminine spirit and she is asking us if we feel safe, where we need boundaries and what , if anything, needs to change, maybe its drastic and we need to relocate and have for ages, this is time to act ( don't forget we still have that grand fire trine activated). 
At the time of this full moon there are also 3 (yes 3) YODS - yods are “fingers of God” and where they point to we must look. Vesta the goddess of hearth and home is involved in all of these configurations. Vesta is the warmth of a circle of women, wherever there are 2 or more gathered in her name, there she will be. The questions that maybe arising here are “ am I in my power” “Is there a good balance of wife, mother, heroine and temple priestess happening in my inner realms” . “ am i dreaming big enough “ . Here sacred self care is paramount.

The degree for Vesta is Leo 14 “cherub like, a human soul whispers into every receptive ear, seeking to manifest” urging us to listen, deep within to what wants to be embodied by you, and only you. What is your light to shine, how can you create more warmth, sacredness. how can you, or I, clean up this place and make it safe for our children, what message is it that is being whispered into your ear?  Be in deep reflection on all of these things. It is our time, sisters ( and brothers if there are any reading, which of course are welcome :) To rise up. To listen deep to the still small voice of Lilith within. What is it that wants to be counted for and embodied by you? What is the big picture here for you, what do you want your children to look back and say “thank god they remembered and…” We are the Magdelenes and the time for remembering is here. We are children of the mother goodess, or gaia, divine fractals of her womb, the great womb, that can achieve miracles. We just need direction, structure and deep truth. This is the medicine that the cosmos offers to us  now. A dear friend said to me recently “ Simi, just pray for truth and stand back” ..wise words..tend to your fire sweet sister.. and listen..A  new dawn is coming..and we must tend to the fire xxx

Full moon in cancer 23 '- 12.01.2017 10:33 pm


This watery first full moon of the year is laden with aspects. Turbo charged emotion. Al the planets are in a rare forward motion altogether..fascinating way to start the year. The strongest message to me in this astrological weather is : revolution from the inside out. Meditate and be light of heart..try to be aware of the challenges that are presenting with this cycle: heightened emotions, strong triggers from the outside and the patriarchy..stay anchored in your healing , in your resolve for peaceful outcome. In your resolve to love yourself , go gently in these waters. A beautiful healing ritual tonight in a bath or something around water would be of service and allow the water to cleanse away anything that is stopping you from moving forward with your path. Deep listening and tuning in would be a wise way to spend the evening . Tune in to how you're feeling, your home, your roots, your breath and your deep car and sensitivity. Feel your heart, love your heart and soften.

The sabian symbol this full Moon falls on is cancer 23 " the meeting of a study group or literary society" . This  degree speaks of people of like minds coming together and sharing higher knowledge together, brainstorming, work shopping, keeping diaries, discussions. If a revolution is to happen we need to communicate with one another our ideas and feelings. We need to be vulnerable and in our truth, raw, real and clear of mind and heart. This is where the meditating and reflecting come in. Be in your clarity and truth in these spaces, be in your heart centre, feel the bigger picture and hold yourself and the all in love. There are some other aspects with this moon like the sun conjunct Pluto and opposing the moon ( it always does on a full moon ) and this energy is Challenging to the moon exalted in cancer and in its fullness - energies are running high- the masculine is on  and ready to go! It's very easy to get carried away in these times, and here is where the sacred feminine comes in, where we breathe deep in to our bellies and our knowing that this is all playing out the way it should and its up to us to keep our grace , integrity, and higher selves present in our communicating. What the world needs now is love sweet love. Know that These waters will pass. We're up for some big changes in 2017, we are being called to step up and take action. Our nervous systems could take us on a big journey, so breathe deep,self enquire. Learn astrology and where these aspects are activating you, so you can navigate these waters in the wisest way possible. There is opportunity for much growth, learning, Ascension, and emotional release...may you be gentle on yourself and glean clariat into your sacred feminine heart, may your breath be deep and may your womb and heart connect  xxx










Taurus supermoon

This full moon is on the Sabian symbol degree of Taurus 23 " - jewellery shop filled with the most magnificent jewels". This moon is significant because the moon hasn't been this close to the earth since 1948 ,so the message of it is LOUD. This is a gorgeous symbol signifying our unique gifts and talents, beauty that brings joy -and the rewards and bounty of the natural world. As Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of valueing loving ourselves, I see more resonance again. This moon is making a harmonious trine aspect to Chiron , the wounded healer, Chiron is our gift to the world and is where our healing lies. Chiron is on Pisces 21 which is the degree of " a little white lamb, a child and a Chinese servant ". This degree speaks of being protected by more higher more aware energies and different perspectives, and caring  for the child within. I get the strong message around this moon that it's time to care for and tend to ourselves like we would our children. Love, appreciate and see the gifts within ourselves , nurture them to encourage them to grow and shine like the beautiful jewels they are out in the world- Like the shop displaying its beautiful jewels- unashamed to show how brightly they shine.. tend to our garden of hidden gifts and let ourselves relish in them, be transformed by them and allow them to change our opinion of ourselves into a higher frequency. All of this opposes the sun on Scorpio 23 which is "  a rabbit metamorphosed into a nature spirit" . This degree is all about ascension , baby. The upper chakras become a focus as the rabbit is changed from his animal urges into an elemental being , moving into a completely new level of being. The 5 th dimension is here and now ,tune into it , live into it, and give that our attention energy. There has never been the opportunity like now . The time is here for deep transformation. If you don't like the leaders being chosen, become your own leader and inspire others to do the same, we can all hold hands, as leaders and pave our way into the Aquarian age, crafting our new paradigm . Let's step into our unique gifts and anchor them down..... do yourself a favour , go outside tomorrow night and watch the moon rise is her glory. Envision with it all your deepest desires and dreams coming true , how do you shine the most brightly,what is it you feel you may have come to share? Unclear and need some guidance? Give me a hoy.... may you anchor your soul codes x