About Simi

Hi there :) I'm Simi , an experienced bodyworker and healer. I am super passionate about health, healing, truth, authenticity and love, and much more, but thats a good start :)

I am very called to assist others on their healing journey with the techniques I have learned over the years that have proved themselves effective healing tools to anchor me in these times into more of who I am, into my  sacredness.  I would love to assist you in the same way. I believe that by healing our trauma and our stories and learning more about who we REALLY are, we feel empowered, deeply connected, nourished and able to fill our own cup.

I have been studying natural therapies since 1999 and have qualifications in many healing modalities, however, what I really offer is not on one of my certificates. Its in the space I hold, the love in my heart and my deep desire to be in devotional service to all at this time. 

I have intuitively collected a vast and eclectic array of healing modalities over the last 20 years  to create a unique body of work that combines all of which I have learned including : dance movement therapy, Astrology, Womb Massage, Auyervedic sacred stones, Theta healing, the liquid crystals,  Spiritual Counselling, and light language codes . Whatever is needed comes through  in the session, and no session is the same. What is always the same is the safe container i'll hold for you.

My work is my devotion and I would be deeply honoured to assist you on your journey wherever you are on it. We are all just walking each other home.